Equality Partnership

Equality Partnership work with corporations, academic institutions, and recruitment agencies to connect Black students and professionals with employment opportunities. We do this through the delivery of career progression seminar workshops, and conferences.

Our Main Aims Are To…

Actively identify and champion initiatives that advance race equality and inclusion

Inspire, support and strengthen the leadership capability of Black aspiring employees and entrepreneurs to develop their careers and businesses

Provide a regular forum for Black groups to meet, exchange ideas and strengthen personal networks with peers and more senior colleagues

Build a critical mass of Black role models to inspire, motivate and encourage others to reach their full potential

About Us

Equality Partnership (formerly ‘BAME on the Move’) mission is to enable organisations to meet their inclusivity pledges. Our aim is to support and implement initiatives that promote the career advancement of Black candidates.

Utilising our relationships with corporate organisations, educational institutions, and recruitment agencies, Equality Partnership acts as a conduit. We assist students and professionals and help equip them with tools to climb the corporate ladder.

Through events and specialised careers advice, we address and tackle the barriers affecting the Black corporate entry and career climb. We build the infrastructure to continually address these multifaceted issues, such as a database of mentors and candidates impacting on the Black deficit spanning entry to board-level staff across institutions, both now, and into the future.

“My vision to provide services that help to build a fair society in which every one of us is as free as possible to make the most of our career and business talents, whatever our background”

Roy Bean, Founder

Black History Month

Equality Partnership pleased to be working with PwC on this life changing opportunity for black college and 6 form students to enter the financial industry! Join our Flying Start Programme event on 28th October via the link below:

Flying Start Event Flyer



Life Changing Opportunity for black A Level students to enter the financial industry

PwC are offering black students a fully funded university degree and paid work placement Join our PWC Flying Start Event 28th October 2021 | 6 - 7pm Click on the link below to register: https://www.eventbrite.co.uk/e/pwc-flying-start-programme-tickets-170120144933 This…


Was great to meet at Equality Partnership Event, excellent initiative! I look forward to meeting again soon and working together in the future.

Thank you for this great platform and the opportunities for networking and sharing business ideas that you have created

I just wanted to congratulate you on your recent event Equality Partnership. I met and heard from a great number of people who inspired me and helped me understand a lot

I must say, the Equality Partnership concept is truly powerful, it was a wonderful event



Research and Development

Our workshops are developed using a research-based approach. We regularly interview a cross-section of directors and executives from varying specialism backgrounds to identify trends and common answers to questions about the typical duties and skill requirements needed for top-level posts.

We frequently interview representative samples of Black employees at various stages in their career from different organisations and professions to get a consensus on typical challenges and barriers that can be encountered in relation to career progression. This novel approach to workshop development combines listening (research & diagnosis), with the doing (action & remedy